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About Conference Call Basically

Conference call is mostly termed as a telephonic call. In this type of call a person can talk to more than one person at a time. Conference call can be very deceptive at certain points. Sometimes the called party can only listen to all the participants of the conference call without talking to the others. And most of the times the called party can also participate in the conversation.

Conference call is also called an audio tele conference. It is always made by a single person. So one person calls via conference call and then adds the recipients to it. This way the caller adds the participants to the call. Sometimes the call can be only audio oriented. This means that the participants can only listen the audio of the caller altogether and cannot speak in.

Conference Call

The participants sometime can also add themselves into the conference call by using the conference bridge. What they basically have to do is to dial a number that connects them to the conference bridge.

Conference-Bridge-A conference calling equipment

Conference Bridge is an equipment. Its function is to link together telephone lines.

Most companies out there have their own service providers who are specialized in the maintenance of Conference Bridge. They are also responsible for providing the PIN Codes and the telephone numbers that can be used to make a conference call, or become part of one via the conference bridge. This way it makes it easier for a company to make a conference call.

Every company has its specialized pin codes and dialup numbers which the employees use to make a call. But nowadays a new form of three-way calling is available. This calling service is limited and also charges extra for making a call.

How to make a conference call?

This call can be used on both office and home phone lines. The procedure of a three-way call is very different from a regular conference call. In three-way call, the call is dialed to the first party. Then either the re-caller button or the hook-flash button is dialed so that the call is dialed onto the second party’s number. While the phone of the second party is ringing the re-caller button is dialed again. This way it connects the three people together in a conference call.

Conference Call

This way the callers can also add 2nd outgoing call to a call that is already connected. Conference call is used all across the globe for various purposes. Businesses, friends, companies and even freelancers use conference call to connect with each other on better terms. All the different participants can share their viewpoints about specific projects or fan-girl about the Taylor Swifts songs. It is a new way to connect and share what you think.

For more confidential purposes a conference call also offers you a way-out into secure calling. So if you want to reach out to all the company employees but don’t want then to interfere in the message then you can restrict their audios. This way the conference call will be secure and professional.

Businesses- Uses of Conference Calls

One real time application of conference calls is in businesses. Businesses use these calls to communicate both internally and externally in the company. The best common examples include sales presentations, clients meetings, training and communication with the employees working in the firm.

Conference calling cuts the travel costs of the businessmen and all the targets can be achieved whilst staying in the office. All of the United States public corporations use conference calls as a means of communicating their quarterly results. This way all the employees can perform productively.

Usually stock analysts make these calls to ask questions. That’s why these calls are called earing calls as well. All the standard calls start with disclaimers. This means that whatever is said during the call will be a statement. The results of the statement might vary significantly depending upon the call participants.

After the disclaimer the investor relations officer, CEO or CFO read the quarterly company report. At the end of the call the analyst can ask questions from the investor relations officer, CFO or CEO.

Conference calls along web-conferences

Most of the time in business the conference calls are used along web conferences. This way the representatives share their presentations via the internet to the company employees. This way the employees can view the corporate reports on the internet along with the company data and sales figures. The representative provides the employees with the briefing of the reports and the prospects of the firm. Whereas the employees can view the representatives presentation simultaneously.

Conference Call

A conference call has its etiquettes. All the people who are part of the business oriented conference calls must follow the particular etiquettes. One person must refrain from using foul language, shouting, unpleasant tone and multitasking. This way the attention is distributed amongst different tasks and the important points don’t get through one mind.

Most of these calls are assisted by call operators or host. That’s why the calls have a variety of features. The calls billing has various different options.

The world has become a social networking arena

To be honest conference calls have big a permanent part of the social networking arena. They have even engulfed the world of podcasting. This creates better interacting platforms for all the different audiences out there. So whether that be a group of teenagers or the multi-national owner, all can interact in a great and understandable way.

Mostly the conference calls by businesses are broadcasted live. This way a greater number of people can listen to the call. They don’t have to dial into the bridge for joining a conference call.

Great audiences can interact by using this combined call. The future of conference calls is flourishing. Many business and companies are joining in to bridge the communication gap between its employees. Even though the basic call idea remains same, different productive applications of the conference call concept are being identified. More and more people join in the conference calls to explore the potential of their industries to greater depths. CEOs can collaborate with employees of all scale and be open to their questions.